# Tuition & Fees: 2020-21

Reduced Tuition Are Here!

New lower tuition rates have just been announced, please see below for details!

As an independent, non denominational Christian school, Shrewsbury Christian Academy is primarily supported through the tuition which families pay as well as through donations from churches, businesses and individuals. As a nonprofit community Christian school, SCA relies largely on tuition income for operational costs and faculty/staff salaries.

SCA is overseen by a school board consisting of parents and local business people who carefully determine the yearly tuition rates based on projected yearly expenditures.

# Tuition

Grades Days Annual Total Registration Fee
Pre-K3 Tues & Thurs (1/2 day) $995 $75
Pre-K3 Tues & Thurs (full day) $1,997 $75
Pre-K4 Mon, Wed, Fri (1/2 day) $1,475 $75
Pre-K4 Mon, Wed, Fri (full day) $2,995 $75
Pre-K4 Mon - Fri (1/2 day) $2,497 $75
Pre-K4 Mon - Fri (full day) $3,995 $75
K5 Mon - Fri (full day) $3,995 $250
1st - 8th Mon - Fri (full day) $3,995 $250


Maximum registration fee per family is $375.

# Additional Fees

# Late Fees


A late fee of $40.00 will be charged when tuition becomes 30 days past due date.

# Student Care


There is a $1.65 per quarter hour ($6.60 per hour) charge for the use of Student Care before and after school (7 AM - 5:30 PM). For Pre-K3, K4 and 1/2 day K5 students, Afternoon Student Care begins at 12 noon.