Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (including Computer Science)

# Science

SCA science curriculum is designed to challenge our students while making it fun to learn.
Our Middle School science curriculum was especially developed to prepare our students to properly transition to the most challenging high school science programs in the area.

Highlights of the program include:

    # Technology

    SCA's extensive Technology programs start with Pre-K4 and continue through Grade 8.

    # Introduction

    Pre-K4 and Kindergarten students learn the basics of using the computer through the use of educational games that help them understand parts of the computer, how to use menus, and develop motor skills. Kindergarten is introduced to Microsoft Office in the last marking period of the academic year.

    # Microsoft Office Suite

    Students in Grade 1 through Grade 5 learn skills in using the four main programs included in MS Office: Word™, Excel™, Powerpoint™, and Publisher™.
    When appropriate, students create projects that combine Technology learning with their other classroom subjects, such as Social Studies.
    MS Office Suite instruction utilizes the curriculum from Global Academics.

    # Google Education Suite

    Students in Grade 6 through Grade 8 apply lessons learned from MS Office to similar programs offered in the Google Education Suite: Docs™, Sheets™, and Slides™.
    When appropriate, students create projects that combine Technology learning with their other classroom subjects, such as Social Studies. Google Education Suite instruction utilizes the curriculum from Global Academics. Many area high schools are now using the Google Education Suite so as the students transition from Grade 8 at SCA, they are prepared to use either MS Office or Google Education Suite.

    # Coding

    Students as early as Grade 1 are introduced to the concepts of Computer Programming / Coding.

    Hour of Code is utilized for Grade 1 through Grade 5. It provides an introduction for critical, logical thinking with block coding.

    Python Programming is introduced starting in Grade 6 using Explorations in Coding I from edhesive. Students apply logical thinking skills to creating real-life computer programs using the Python programming language.

    The goals of the course are:

    • Introduce computer science as an engaging and relevant discipline.
    • Develop foundational skills and knowledge in programming and computer science.
    • Strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    • Foster creativity, collaboration, and communication.
    • Explore issues raised by present and future societal impacts of computing.
    • Demonstrate that all students can be successful in computer science.

    # Engineering

    Engineering is woven into the Science and Technology curricula at SCA. Both programs offer Middle School students the opportunity to use their God-given creativity along with the skills they have learned in Science and Technology to design and build machines and demonstrate them.

    # New for 2020-21 school year

    Grades 1 to 4:  Introduction to 3-D printing
    Grades 5 to 8:  3-D design and printing with the MakerBot SKETCH 3-D printer!!! 

    # Annual Egg-Drop Event

    Our students apply the skills they learned in physics to design and build their own protective devices to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from the top of the long ladder on the Shrewsbury Fire Company Ladder Truck.

    # Robotics

    Our students apply the skills they learned to design, build, and program robots using kit systems such as:
    Hummingbird from Birdbrain Technologies, LittleBits and Sphero.

    # Mathematics

    All grade levels learn appropriate grade-level mathematics skills. Students apply these skills in their Technology, Science, and Engineering-related instruction and projects. The curriculum is design so that students matriculating from Grade 8 to High School have the background needed to transition to high school Algebra.